Get Access to Your Whole City With Just The Tap Of A Button!

Get Access to Your Whole City With Just The Tap Of A Button!


Tap, Ride, Tap – That is all there is to it.

Need a ride? Lynk Up Taxi service is the latest rideshare company in town with a smart way of traveling. All you need is your smartphone and three little taps. Tap to look for your ride. Tap to book the trip and Tap to complete your journey. Your safety is our priority; that is why all our drivers have to go through a rigorous background check. We also boast of lower ride prices than Uber and Lyft, and we are always available at any time you need us.Also, we’ll save you time because we respond quickly. Click HTML5 Icon HTML5 Icon to download our Rider App and start saving money while you ride in style! The app guides the driver to where you want to go. Payment will be completed via your credit or debit card on the app. Just sit back and enjoy your ride! Do you want to make some extra money? Let’s be honest. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in unemployment like never before. Being locally owned, LynkUp Taxi aims to provide an opportunity for people in our communities looking for an extra income source or a full-time job. We pay our drivers more than Uber and Lyft and are always available to support them. Click HTML5 Icon HTML5 Icon   to download our Driver App and start making money today!



We serve passengers traveling to and from the airports. Our passengers and clients know that they can count on us to take them safely & reliably to their destinations.


We recognize that your time is very valuable. Allow us to pick-up your luggage or parcel while you relax.


Our drivers will be close to your communities, waiting to help you. The frustrating days of waiting hours to .


Our drivers will be close to your communities, waiting to help you. The frustrating days of waiting hours to .


In our line of business, trust is very important. Organizations want to know that the safety of their executives and management are preserved. We here at Lynkup Taxi Services will endeavor to do all we can to ensure that the trust that has been placed in us, that we will continue to serve you with honor and distinction.


College and university students can relax as we help you to travel without the hassle. It's hard enough being away from home and family. Our fares are catered to help you, without the undue stress of worrying how to get to your varied destinations on a college budget. Don't worry; we've got you covered!


We serve many hotels in picking up and transporting their guests to various destinations. Our clients know that they can trust us to perform superb services and they rely on us to get the job done. We deliver.

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