Today’s truckers no longer have to live in an information vacuum as they wander down the long, lonesome highway. Thanks to the smartphones and tablets found in virtually every cab, they now have access to weather forecasts, live traffic reports, diesel prices, and more, all in the palm of their hands.

But with a dizzying array of apps to choose from, it can be tough to figure out which are worthy of space on their phones. To offer some guidance in that regard, transportation industry consulting and accounting firm American Truck Business Services (ATBS) recently published a list of “12 Helpful Apps for Truckers.”

The list, which is tailored to owner-operators, includes four general trucking apps: Trucker Path (navigation, parking status, and fuel prices), Truck Smart (which lets drivers reserve parking spaces, check fuel prices, and submit service requests), Trucker Tools (updated fuel prices, traffic reports, and directions), and Gas Buddy (nationwide fuel prices, price maps, and a trip-cost calculator).

Also on the list are four “business apps,” organizational tools designed to help truckers manage their schedules, paperwork, and record-keeping tasks. They include: Big Road (an electronic logbook for owner-operators), Wunderlist (which manages scheduling, to-do lists, and daily reminders), the DAT Load Board App (a freight platform that helps drivers find their next load), and the company’s own ATBS Mobile App (an accounting and  book-keeping tool that lets drivers scan or import receipts and other documents with just a few taps).

Rounding out the list are four general interest apps: the Weather Channel App (weather updates and forecasts for up to two weeks out), the Rolling Strong App (a wellness program that offers exercise and meal plans), Waze (traffic and navigation), and finally, FleetSafer Mobile, an app that blocks incoming texts and discourages drivers from using their phones—and checking all those other interesting apps!—while driving.


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