Here are five reasons more than half of the employers are interested in artificial intelligence.

1. Learning and Development

Through AI, you can train more people and improve their learning experience. Gaps in knowledge can be identified and resolved efficiently through AI assessments and training (i.e., turning downtime into productive learning-time). Your team will be more confident in doing their jobs and more prepared than ever. Soon, you will see how a person in the organization grows and improves, which will motivate more people to embrace this learning opportunity

2. Automation of Decisions

Creating credibility is the key to successful AI implementation. AI makes expedited decisions based upon the established criteria and can free-up valuable time for your executive team. For example, if you do not have time to speak to every incoming request from your website, an AI Chatbot is able to accomplish the initial communication process and identify a filtered list. This will enable you to efficiently focus on the most qualified leads.

3. Pattern Recognition

Data analysis is enhanced by recognizing patterns within structured data. AI’s can make this process effective and efficient by analyzing items such as systems traffic data, CRM data, etc. The results of vital and classified business data analysis are key to the success of many business models and industries.

4. Virtual Assistance

Just as Alexa, Siri, and Google now act as assistants in people’s daily lives; all business owners need some kind of virtual help at their work. In addition to talking to home appliances, Virtual Assistants are taking over e-commerce platforms in purchases and sales. For example, Amazon has integrated Alexa into its platform, where users can search for products and make purchases.

5. Social Media Sentiment Analysis

The Social Media Listening tool picks brand and product references and connects them for you. Sentiment analysis provides feedback from your target audience and if they are expressing a positive, negative, or neutral feeling for your product or service. Imagine the impact this will have on Public Relations (PR) management. You will be able to assess important information quickly and take steps to mitigate any major risks/issues in nearly real-time. Sentiment analysis is a prime way that AI can help achieve business and marketing success in a variety of environments and industries.


At the end of the day, everyone wants better results. Despite negative claims about artificial intelligence, it’s only logical to be receptive to it if it favors you. By the looks of it, bosses will have fewer things to worry about as their business will function better with artificial intelligence.



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