This gives us reason to believe that these figures are tentative and yet to go beyond current expectations. For any App Development Company, this is good news and winning mobile apps are a challenge.

The need for the development of mobile apps has increased tremendously and surprisingly by the end of 2022, the demand for browsing through the internet may completely shift towards mobile instead of Laptop or Desktop.

When a developer designs an app for the end-user, he or she mainly focuses on two things:

1. User Retention

2. User Interface (UI)

In 2019, more than 200 billion applications were downloaded worldwide, but the retention rate was just 32%.

Thus the question arises, why is the user retention rate so low? The main hurdle is knowing how well the app has fulfilled the desire of the end-user.

Was the look and feel good? Are there any app glitches or are the features of the app fascinating? Getting feedback from customers is really hard. That’s why mobile apps require a systematic process of evaluation, testing, and development.

So, for every business, it’s high time to give a sanity check before entering into the mobile apps world.

Here are some quick creative ways on how mobile apps must be tested before launch.



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