Life has changed beyond recognition in the last two quarters, industries that were traditionally considered safe environments have become uncertain, pushing others into the limelight. Career development has been restructured, and jobs for life no longer exist.

One career that remains in demand is the supply chain industry now that 82% of goods and services are bought online, and the industry has seen a 20% increase since 2019.

Firstly, what is supply chain management? Or SCM – SCM is management of a network of business activities and processes that involves procurement of raw materials, manufacturing and distribution management of finished goods.

 Now we know the facts, let’s pop over to these guys to look at seven good reasons to consider a career in supply chain management.

1- There’s a Job for Everyone

No matter what your skills or interests are, there is a job for you. It’s reassuring to know that regardless of your standard of education, degree or no degree SCM has you covered.

With a job in SCM, the type of work needed can be found. Whether you require full-time, or part-time employment, shift work or the standard 9-5 Monday to Friday, these job requirements can be covered.

The great thing about working in SCM is that there is something for everyone. SCM is so broad and extensive that anyone choosing this career path will find something to fulfil their goals and objectives.

2 – Job Diversity

Given the tremendous breadth of what SMC is, it follows that the number of jobs is equally diverse.

Supply Chain jobs include strategic procurement, planning, logistics and logistics management, fork truck operation, dispatching, scheduling. Including expense management and financial controls, resource planning, analytics, cash flow management and aspects of HR, including training and education.

We do not forget Inventory control, assembly, processing, maintenance, planning, buying, sourcing, packaging, quality control, inventory management, space planning, supplier management and capacity management. We could go on, but that list alone proves it’s a diverse industry.

3 – Skill Development Platform

Given the job diversity, it follows that the roles available will have an extensive scope to develop your portfolio of personal and professional skills.

No matter where you start the career path in SCM is varied and extensive. Any driven individual will find climbing the career ladder is more accessible than in other industries.

Transferable skills are a necessity no matter what those skills are – you may start off working in the check out in a supermarket but your transferable skills may see you as head of HR in the years to come.

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4 – A Varied Career Path

Everyone has their interests and visions for career success; career success does not always mean moving up the corporate ladder. If someone is happy and motivated by their work no matter the level then SCM offers opportunity.

There are often opportunities to study while working, and this means those from less educated backgrounds have equal opportunities as executives and graduate trainees.

5 – SCM is Future Proof

With the advancement in digital technology, SCM is future-proofing itself and enabling changes that will mean a safe career path for future generations.

Technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) 3D printing, predictive analytics and autonomous vehicles such as drones have changed the way the supply chain acts and reacts. With technology moving so fast, it’s benefits to SCM are yet to be fully explored.

6 – E-Commerce

SCM is vital in the success of e-commerce, and this means looking after your supply chain and the individuals who work to make sure your goods and services arrive on time. Let’s look at the statistics.

Amazon has seen demand grow by 30% in the last quarter, and subsequently, the shipping costs associated with that have increased. Amazon spends over $18 million on shipping goods to consumers. These figures were quoted in the late part of 2018 and early 2019.

Amazon share price had gone up to $3,184.94 a share from $6.04 in 2008. Amazon proves that E-commerce is the answer to the economic downturn.

Amazon would not be where it is today if it didn’t have a unique SCM system set up. Many people who have recently lost their jobs have relocated to areas that have Amazon warehouse and distribution plants. Without Amazon, many small towns and cities would be bankrupt.

7 – SCM is an Artform

SCM is also called the art of providing the right product, at the right time, to the right place and at the correct cost to the customer.

They are otherwise known as RTRPRC. Just ask UPS, DPD and Hermes and all of the supermarkets if they use this terminology, and the answer will undoubtedly be yes.

In conclusion – SCM is a great career path for anyone. Given that interests, desires and goals change over time supply change management can change with you. There are so many directions and options open to those who need a versatile career.

Remember any company will be reliant on SCM for its success, and that is a prime example of meet


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