Those who consider applying for Logistics faculties all over the world ask me quite frequently: is a profession of a logistician bound to fade out soon? They all are like: “Well… auto-pilot planes and trucks will be able to transport goods to their destination points. What else depends on a logistician? Oh, they monitor and manage warehouses. But robots are gradually dominating humans there even today. So, yes, this profession is slowly but surely dying.”

I am a student who decided to hire a pro to do my assignment online because I needed to write this article. I’ll say one thing to begin. Here it is: if you agree with that viewpoint above, you know nothing about logistics.  

Is Logistics Dying?

Rumors have been heard around for years till now, telling that logisticians won’t be wanted in the near future. Still, officials managing colleges and universities ignore them and continue founding logistics faculties. That sounds strange, doesn’t it?  

When you go deeper into the topic, you see the demand for logisticians is so huge that employers literally battle for every worthy specialist and talented student. Sending a single request to indeed.com will let you know there are more than 3.5 thousand logistics graduate vacancies open right away.

The only profession bound to die in this field due to mechanization progress is that of a loader.  

What is Real Logistics?

To keep things in focus, let’s read the definition first.

Logistics means the management of material and data flows.  

So, who is a qualified logistician? Regardless of their actual specialization, experts in logistics need to have the following qualities:

  • Knowledge of economic geography. If you know it well, you are aware of the fact that there are regions on Earth where no truck can deliver goods in March and why.
  • Knowledge of political situations around the world. If you have goods to deliver from Azerbaijan to Turkey, it won’t be possible to lead it through the short way in Armenia because these countries are hostile to each other.  
  • Foreign languages. Of course, English is international, but there are languages that will come in handy for logisticians, too. For example, the upper intermediate level of Chinese, Spanish, Italian or Korean will be a solid boost for your career perspectives here.
  • Familiarity with big data management systems. That is why it is critical to choose a quality logistics college. There, you’ll be able to learn how to manage huge arrays of data effectively and quickly.
  • Proactivity, ingenuity, stress durability. This trio of features will help you not only survive with logistics but build a really successful career.

Logisticians are called to deliver as many goods to the store shelves as the clients will be able to buy within the current season, not more or less. Miscalculations will cause quite severe consequences for businesses, that is why the latest educational programs for logisticians include the separate discipline of Logistics robotization. Yes, a qualified up-to-date logistician is also familiar with IT and able to cooperate with programmers developing cool automation software.

Top 7 Reasons to Start a Logistics Career

That being said, here are my 7 main reasons for students to start their career in logistics. I tried to be short.

1. Everyone Can Try It

Logistics is open for everyone having character features required for this activity. They include:

  • Responsibility;
  • Communicativeness;
  • Stress durability;
  • Activeness;

2. High Demand for Logisticians

The world does not have enough qualified and educated logisticians yet. So, people obtaining the appropriate diploma and knowledge have great chances to work for a big and prestigious company.

3. Career Growth

Employment in logistics and supply gives you the possibility to climb up the career ladder intensively and quickly. An appropriate higher education diploma allows you to take management positions.

4. International Experience

Due to an active logistics development, you are bound to get experience of cooperation with overseas companies and suppliers.

5. Flexible Location

Almost any profession referred to logistics is universal. You can work as a logistician in any country of any continent. Logisticians are wanted everywhere and all the time.

6. High Income

Trading is always there. That is why logistics and supply services are also in demand. And a worker’s salary usually depends on the company’s income. This means it doesn’t have any top limits.

7. Interesting and Diverse Job

Logisticians can be busy with building up supply chains and managing documentation at the office, or with establishing interpersonal contacts with a lot of different people as well. Your job can be field-based and office-based at the same time with proportions comfortable for you.

3 Bonus Reasons to Become a Logistician

Okay, these were seven main reasons to become a logistician. Here below, you will find three more thoughts that might help you decide to try this career field out.

Possibility to See the World

Big companies are always ready to invest in their leading specialists. So, bosses frequently offer them studying abroad to improve their international qualification.

Knowledge to Build Logistics Business

As you keep improving your skills an


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