In the changing now, the development of sand making machine has been very rapid, but its development must be stable, so that it can ensure the momentum of development for a long time, we try to understand the development status of it now.

Sand and gravel as one of the important basic materials of construction industry, contribute to the construction of an irreplaceable force. As a manufacturing machine for sand and gravel, sand making machines provide sufficient materials for construction.

Now, the development of mine concrete, construction industry and so on is very fast, adding power to the sand and gravel industry. Natural sand has now been unable to meet the needs of the market, the need for machine-made sand to help them develop. The mechanism of sand compared with natural sand, the availability of more, especially in the building construction, it shows a great advantage.

Because of the market demand, the important position of sand and gravel industry is not to be underestimated. But with the rapid development of China’s economy, there are many problems in the sand and gravel market, so we need to pay attention to it.

The scale of sand making enterprises is small. There is a large demand for machine-made sand, but the market is clearly unable to meet the use of the demand, which requires us to improve. The management level of many factories is low. Many system sand making machine manufacturers now unexpectedly also depend on the nature of mining, this model of development is very terrible, because of the limited resources, it makes the development of these manufacturers limited.

Mining methods are relatively backward. Now is the high-tech era, advanced production technology is productive forces, then, in order to obtain a high level of production and productivity, it is necessary to increase efforts in the introduction of the machine. Moreover, the mechanization and automation level of the sand making industry is relatively low now, which brings trouble to the development of the factory.

In view of this situation, the development of sand making equipment manufacturing enterprises is very large, because the demand of users will grow rapidly in the future. At this time, the sand making machine manufacturing enterprises should be stable development, for the quality of the machine good pass, so that users do not have worries, so slowly guide enterprises to the right direction.

In order to develop for a long time, the production standards of sand making enterprises should be more perfect. Compared with other industries, the policy and planning of sand and gravel are less, and some policies and related provisions are relatively backward. So, this requires the staff of the industry to work harder, for the standardization of sand making machine and preparation.

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