The Automotive Thermal Management System is used for maintaining temperature through technology based on heat transfer and thermodynamics and helps in lowering CO2 emission. The main function of this system is to transfer heat efficiently, reduce thermal loads, and reuse wasted heat. The system maintains the temperature, protects them from failures, increases efficiency, reliability of various automotive systems such as electric drive units, HVAC systems, infotainment, engine, and others.

Automotive Thermal Management Market: Drivers & Restraint

Market Driver:

• Rise in Demand for In-vehicle Electronic Systems

Electrification is growing in the automotive industry as manufacturers are focusing more on developing innovative solutions for in-vehicle electronic systems like navigation, infotainment, transmission, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, electric drive units and others. These devices generate excessive heat and to ensure their safety and to protect them from failures, thermal management systems are used. This system monitors and controls temperature, increases the efficiency, and reliability of electronic systems.

Hence, the rise in demand for in-vehicle electronic systems is expected to boost the automotive thermal management market growth during the forecast period.

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