Blume Global, a leading provider of logistics and supply chain solutions empowered by the largest globally-connected network, today announced that Valor Victoria, logistics firm and freight coordinator, has selected the Blume Digital Operating Platform to serve as the foundation to share data among customers and vendor partners and keep stakeholders informed as the company coordinates freight movement across multiple modes of transportation.

A transportation, trucking and railroad technology company, Valor Victoria enables importers and exporters to identify and execute strategies utilizing roundtrip economics, to create effective solutions to match importer freight to exporter freight for Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCO) and Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC). Valor Victoria works with progressive companies to transform their supply chain solutions through its unique partner relationships. The company continues to establish a preemptive sales atmosphere of round-trip movements by pre-selling export containers in markets associated with importer distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

Valor Victoria will employ Blume Global technology to:

– Digitize Operations: By using Blume’s digital operating platform, all documents and information are digitized enabling fast visualization, search, data validation, automation, and analytics from scheduling appointments to tendering loads and rail billing.

– Interface with existing platforms and portals: In order to maximize benefits for the end customer, this integration will provide seamless service, visibility, and execution on freight for Valor Victoria’s customers that range from BCOs to world-class freight forwarders.

– Improve business operations and efficiencies: This includes automatically receiving and processing customer shipment requests, scheduling door-to-door moves, connecting with motor carrier networks to tender work / receive milestones, and creating and sending electronic rail billing to rail partners.

“Based on the benefits provided by Blume’s technology, Valor Victoria will be able to effectively scale into multiple locations and services, helping the company reach its potential for rapid growth,” said Pervinder Johar, CEO of Blume Global. “Our solutions guarantee new levels of customer service and will enable Valor Victoria to successfully execute on new innovative supply chain strategies.”

“Valor Victoria has a distinctive understanding of carrier concerns, and our team works alongside them to create efficiency in the line-haul for stakeholders,” said Ashley Ritteman, CEO of Valor Victoria. “With continued validation from Blume’s long-standing relationship with Valor’s class one railroad partner, and witnessing the continued success of Blume solutions within the supply chain, we are convinced of the company’s commitment to amplify our impact on the industry.”

The Blume Digital Operating Platform is the only cloud first, industry-leading, secure, API-enabled, real-time platform that connects, and uplifts the entire logistics supply chain ecosystem. Driving rapid digital transformation, the platform captures and cleans data from Blume Network sources into a single virtual and highly available place, powering logistics and supply chains globally.



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