Breonna Taylor gets little justice, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit spotlights racial disparities in health care, and advertising looks to utilize Black talent as much as it utilizes Black culture.

But first, here’s your fitness-inspired week, in Haiku:

Bryant Johnson, now
Ruthless, honored her life with
three perfect pushups.

She called him the most
important person in her 
life: Special Forces

turned records clerk, turned
companion on the journey
to health and justice.

Hands on the cool floor
at the foot of her casket.
Three perfect pushups.

She could do twenty
at eighty years old! What will
we do, now Ruthless?

Some professional news: After getting quite a bit of feedback and doing some in-depth thinking with my edit partner, Aric Jenkins, we’ve decided to increase the frequency of raceAhead  going forward, as best we can. Each dispatch might be less in-depth, but still filled with the news-you-can-use, resources, and inspiration you need to better stay on top of a rapidly changing world. We hope it’s the right thing for you; we know it’s the right thing for us.

Please keep those cards and letters coming. We can’t always respond, but they help us set our course. And stay strong, like RBG.

Ellen McGirt


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