Industries of all kinds need the election to work for them, infamous right-wing hoaxers face felony charges, and California becomes a champion ally.

But first, here’s your president-has-COVID week in review, in Haiku.

It’s hard to believe
that the fate of the world seems
to hinge on a few small

things: Like kindness and
regard, respect, a thought spared
the less fortunate.

There by the grace of
a mask go any of us!
A small thing looming

large in the time of
COVID. Well, we shrug, at least
he’s whiteWith a doctor.

High riskwith a twist.
At least we have a few small things,
like each other

Wishing you a collectively healthy weekend and a speedy recovery to anyone impacted by COVID. Take some time to go outside and breathe, if you can.

Ellen McGirt


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