Cargo Chief, a technology provider that enables 3PLs to more effectively and efficiently buy

trucking capacity, announces the commercial release of LaneMaster, the transportation

industry’s first real-time full truckload (FTL) rating engine.

LaneMaster gathers true freight pricing data through a consortium of leading transportation

management software (TMS) and technology providers.

“LaneMaster helps 3PLs grow their margins and speed rate negotiations with carriers by setting

realistic pricing targets using the most current, accurate and relevant rate data in the industry,”

said Russell Jones, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Cargo Chief. “Uniquely,

LaneMaster shows users what other professionals are currently paying in the requested lane to

build confidence in negotiations.”

LaneMaster’s innovative consortium model gathers high-definition, anonymous FTL rate data

the moment that loads are booked. The pricing data is updated instantly from thousands of

daily transactions to include origins, destinations, mileages, trailer types, pick up dates, and rate

details. Names of the shippers, 3PLs and carriers listed in the freight transactions are not


“I’ve used the other rating tools out there, but LaneMaster has met market accuracy time and

time again, winning us more opportunities,” said Patrick Carroll, Director of Operations and

Pricing for RoadOne LogisticSolutions, a Tampa, Fla.-based provider of end-to-end drayage

brokerage and related logistics services. “Seeing transactions as they’re being booked helps

us from being upside down on a load by knowing actual costs instead of guessing.”

LaneMaster has a sophisticated data cleansing process and uses an exclusive Algorithm

developed by experienced PhD data scientists that ensures quality and consistency in FTL

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rating. The Algorithm updates the secure LaneMaster rate database by using modern APIs that

integrate with TMS systems to capture rate details from actual freight transactions, not from

“teaser” rates posted in load boards.

“As a daily export contributor of more than 1,000 loads per week, and as a user of the

LaneMaster product, I know firsthand that this is the most accurate and up to date rate engine

on the market,” said Omar Singh, CEO of Surge Transportation, a Jacksonville, Fla.-based

truckload freight broker. “We are integrating the API into Surge’s real-time rate engine and our

pricing department is using this information to provide customers and carriers with the most

accurate rates available. I expect that this will not only increase our market share by fostering

more collaborative partnerships, but also increase our EBITDA by 25%.”

Market-leading transportation technology providers who have or will be integrating with

LaneMaster include: AscendTMS, BrokerPro TMS, ePay Processor, Freightgate TMS, HubTek,

LoadStop TMS, Navigator TMS, SwanLeap TMS and Cargo Chief’s C4. All partners in the

consortium are or will resell the LaneMaster services to shipper, 3PL and carrier customers.

About LaneMaster

LaneMaster is a modern consortium of freight brokers, carriers, shippers, TMSs and load

processors, that share anonymized transaction data, as it is developed so LaneMaster members

have an information advantage leveraging the industry’s first real-time pricing engine.

LaneMaster members also have access to powerful reports that score Account Executives, CRs,

Lanes, Shippers and Carriers to market averages to uncover opportunities to improve

operations. For more information visit www.lanemaster.com or email




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