The global COVID-19 outbreak is affecting how essential businesses conduct productive and safe operations. During these unprecedented times, businesses are challenged to implement solutions that ensure the health of their customers and employees. Many local businesses, in conjunction with their facility maintenance partners, are installing sneeze guards (also called sneeze shields, cough guards, or sneeze screens) in strategic areas to help protect employees and customers from the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

To aid retailers during these distressing times, Ceiling Outfitters has created a new resource page designed to provide solutions to retailer’s newfound safety concerns. The page highlights different forms of hardware that can be used to install sneeze guards. They also offer a step-by-step guide to safely installing guards in strategic areas.

“you can rely on our facility to remain open and ship essential products for completing COVID-19 projects, such as hanging plexiglass barrier sneeze guards.” the Company States

“Whether you want to install hanging plexiglass from a ceiling (including a drop-ceiling), acrylic sneeze guards, signs, or banners, our products make it easy to suspend them from the ceiling.”

Ceiling Outfitters offers many products available for immediate shipment to enable the rapid completion of COVID-19 related projects.

Visit Ceiling Outfitters Hanging Sneeze Guards resource page for more information.

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