Supply chain tracking solutions provider Cloudleaf is teaming up with thermal shipping solutions firm CSafe Global to implement a digital visibility platform aimed at improving the cold chain for CSafe’s pharmaceutical industry customers, the companies said Thursday.

CSafe, which provides temperature-controlled containers for transporting medicines and other pharmaceuticals, said it will partner with Cloudleaf to design a custom digital visibility platform that supports its Air Cargo track-and-trace technology as well as its Parcel and Cell & Gene packaging solution. CSafe has been developing and implementing track-and-trace technology into its fleet of Air Cargo containers for two years, the company said. The Cloudleaf partnership expands those efforts, adding customization that will provide real-time visibility into shipments across the company’s product line.

“Together we will provide real-time visibility for life-saving products shipped everyday around the world in CSafe Air Cargo, Parcel, and Cell and Gene products,” Tom Weir, chief operating officer for CSafe Global, said in a statement Thursday. “This innovative solution will unleash tremendous value for our customers and, most importantly, ensure that patients receive the medications they need 100% of the time.”

CSafe said it has already upgraded 20 active containers with active sensors and successfully integrated them with the Cloudleaf platform. The team has completed multiple successful pilot shipment tests to verify hardware performance and integration viability, as well. The firm is now partnering with select pharmaceutical customers to conduct live user acceptance testing of the new platform before launching it in the fourth quarter, the company said.

The timing of the partnership will be especially helpful in light of advancements toward a Covid-19 vaccine, which will require temperature-controlled shipping, the company also said. 


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