England recorded another sharp increase in Covid-19 infections on Tuesday with 14,542 new cases and no sign of a slowdown. The rapid spread led to calls for tougher restrictions in the north, while London’s mayor warned that the capital was at a “tipping point”.

The US trade deficit rose to $67bn in August as the world’s largest economy recovered from the shock of the pandemic, undercutting President Donald Trump’s hopes of campaigning for re-election on slashing the gap between imports and exports. The monthly figure was the widest in 14 years.

Ireland’s government clashed with its scientific advisers after rejecting their call for a new national lockdown. A request to place the entire country under the most severe restrictions blindsided Micheál Martin’s government, provoking an angry response from ministers amid a struggling economy.

Suicides among India’s professionals have climbed for two consecutive years, averaging 23 a day in 2019, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. Lakshmi Vijayakumar, a psychiatrist in Chennai, said the pandemic had led to significantly more suicides among white-collar workers.

Ikea will open a record number of stores this year as the furniture retailer bets that it still needs a large physical presence even as more shopping goes online. The ambitious plan comes despite Ikea posting a 4 per cent fall in sales to €39.6bn as the coronavirus pandemic hit the retailer.

Boeing has slashed its expectations for global passenger jet demand over the next decade by 11 per cent, representing a loss to the industry of an estimated $200bn in potential revenue, as airlines shrink fleets and accelerate the retirement of older aircraft.

Goldman Sachs is preparing to name the least number of new partners since before the bank went public and plans to offer them a more lucrative way to participate in private investment funds. Goldman’s banking divisions have profited from volatility and low rates brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Swiss pharma giant Roche — one of the biggest suppliers of the machines, chemicals and equipment used to do Covid-19 tests across the UK — said its supplies have been disrupted by a technical issue at a new “automated warehouse”, causing “a very significant drop in our processing capacity”.

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