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Congressional leaders and the White House have yet to reconcile differences on COVID-19 emergency aid proposals, raising the potential for Congress to continue negotiating a package after the November elections.

The Republican-led Senate recessed for the month, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) insisted she remains willing to arrive at a deal on COVID-19 assistance with President Donald Trump’s team.

Despite attempts to arrive at a deal, each side has criticized the other during the negotiations. On Oct. 27, Pelosi affirmed to colleagues her caucus’ intention: “This week, we continue to put pen to paper, with thanks to our committee chairs for their mastery of the legislation and loyalty to America’s working families.”

Mitch McConnell


Nearly a week earlier, McConnell contended: “Our Democratic colleagues have been happy to talk about further relief — as long as it’s remained a hypothetical concept. But every time the Senate [has] had a chance to actually do something, they’ve said no.”

A Senate bill that sought to provide more than $500 billion for certain sectors affected by the pandemic did not advance Oct. 21. The Senate also has not considered a recent $2 trillion House-passed package.

A slew of stakeholders, including freight transportation groups, have called on Congress to approve additional emergency aid during the pandemic.

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