Freight Forwarders around the world are approached daily by networks, offering to help them develop their business. But how does one go about choosing a network?

Kelly Bunyan is the Owner and Managing Director of a group of successful freight networks, headquartered in London, UK: World Freight Network (WFN), Specialist Freight Networks (SFN) and International Freight Network (IFN).

Kelly states: “Within our group, our USP is having a personalised, hands-on approach to network management. Rather than treating members like a number in a sea of agents, we prefer to develop personal relationships with our members, doing our very best to help each company succeed. We also limit the numbers within each country, to keep competition at a minimum – whilst also having a wide enough pool of agents to boost business enquiries within the networks.

It’s a balanced approach that works excellently, and these factors – top quality support and limited competition – lead many forwarders to choose our group over others.”

Jess Baker, Group Operations Manager, added: “We keep in close communication with our members and enjoy hearing about successes, challenges, new ideas, and visions for the future. Getting their feedback is invaluable, as it helps us to continue to tailor our management approach and give the best service we can. Some of the recent comments we have received confirm that our approach is working:

“Thank you for checking in, it really shows that you care about our company’s success with the network. We have been in touch with several members already and received our first nomination today. We are very happy that we chose this network.”

“It was a pleasure to speak with you today also. I appreciate you always taking the time to call me to discuss any issues and to assist where needed with our network shipments. It helps things to run smoothly.”

“Thank you again for sending the network update and keeping us well informed. I appreciate your great communication and being on hand to quickly assist us with quote requests, etc. You go above and beyond!!”

“Now, more than ever, we are glad to be part of a network where we feel seen, heard and valued.””

Jess concluded, “It has been a very difficult year for so many, and we are grateful to our members for their loyalty. With their support, and our continued drive to give independent forwarders a platform for success, we are optimistic about the future.”

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