Sand as one of the important raw materials for engineering construction, plays an important role in many engineering construction. However, with the continuous exploitation of sand and stone, natural sand and stone have been reduced day by day. Especially in recent years, various policies have been launched to control the exploitation of natural sand, and a series of natural sand protection policies have been introduced. As a result, a large number of natural sand and stone in the market, is in short supply.

Due to the shortage of natural sand and stone, machine-made sand has gradually attracted the attention of engineering workers. Compared with traditional natural sand, machine-made sand not only has regular shape, but also has controllable discharge particle size, which is easier to meet the needs of engineering construction. Therefore, the importance of machine-made sand in engineering construction is increasing day by day, and it is gradually accepted by people from all walks of life. On site Express — a survey of sand production line.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, we put forward higher requirements for environmental performance and work efficiency of equipment. Absorbing many years of industry experience and adopting new technology concept, we have developed the impact type sand making machine, which is a good helper for you to move towards large-scale and centralized production.

Application scope of impact type sand making machine: impact sand making machine is a kind of equipment with crushing and sand making functions. It is widely used in ore, cement, refractory, aluminum, soil clinker, emery, glass raw material, building sand and various metallurgical slag mechanism, especially silicon carbide, Emery and sintered bauxite. Its corrosion resistance is more effective than other types of materials.

Analysis of advantages of sand making machine

1. Chase excess

The throughput of deep cavity impeller is increased by 30%.

2. Long life

It can be turned up and down to prolong the service life.

3. It costs less

The combined throwing head only needs to replace the worn part, which can reduce the use cost by 30%.

4. More convenient

Flexible adjustment of feed inlet, convenient conversion.

5. More worry free

The lubrication mode can be selected. The modular design of thin oil type and grease type of bearing chamber can realize the overall exchange.

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