There are close to one million people working in the logistics field as an entrepreneur or in marketing and sales. Sometimes all three—all at the same time.

Like many others, these professionals have had to adjust to working from home, managing a remote team, and distractions everywhere. Though we crave a bit of normalcy, there are sectors of the workforce that have and will forever be changed.

So we must adapt.

Adapt how we work, learn, and network.

Enter: Freight School Playbook

Freight School Playbook is a membership platform for the logistics industry with unlimited access to courses covering 21st-century digital marketing and sales.

Developed by my team and I—Digital Dispatch founder Blythe Brumleve—Freight School Playbook is a resource for businesses from small to large to hone in on how they market and sell to their prospective customers, share what makes them unique, and how to continue to upskill in a market that demands the digital approach.

When you first sign up, you’ll pay $45 per month or save $150 by signing up for the annual plan.

No matter what plan your budget allows, you’ll be considered a Founding Member and have instant and unlimited access to courses covering:

–How to Audit Your Website

–Planning Your Content Marketing Strategy

–Carrier/Broker Sales Training

–Linkedin Marketing

–Virtual Presentation Tips

…and more!

New courses, templates, and workflows will be added each month from varying skill levels but always relative to the logistics industry.

There’s never been a more affordable product created to help so many logistics and transportation businesses that range in revenue. The services I provide to my enterprise-level clients at Digital Dispatch is what I’m proud to teach here—giving access to industry-specific insight that can be found scattered across the internet but not available in a concise format as you’ll find at Freight School Playbook.

So on September 15th, I hope you join our new community. I have big plans in store for this platform but because I want to see it improve quickly, we’re only keeping the membership signup window open for 10 days. After 10 days, I’m closing new signups and no one will be allowed to join after the 24th of September.

Why will Freight School Playbook close new signups after September 24th?

Because I want my Founding Members to have a choice in how this platform will evolve.

–If members are getting stuck in a particular course—I want to fix it.

–If part of the course or template is confusing—we will help make it more clear.

–And if there are courses that our Founding Members believe need to be added sooner than later—we will prioritize them.

Founding members of Freight School Playbook will have a voice and help shape the future of this website.

After those improvements have been made, will we reopen signups later in the year—but only for a limited time.

Why put a limit on new members at all?

I believe in the power of growing our expertise as a community—not chasing the next sale. We can only apply that philosophy by using feedback from members like you. Users that signup from September 15th through the 24th will become our Founding Members and be able to shape the future of the platform and take advantage of the low introductory pricing–for the lifetime of their account.

On our website, you’ll find a video that covers more on why I decided to launch Freight School Playbook. Or you can listen to a couple of interviews where we touched on the new site more. Those interviews are available at PDQ America’s Trucking for Millenials podcast and Freightwaves’ What the Truck.



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