Hi friends. Happy Friday! I know it’s been a bit of a crazy week, so I hope you’re all hanging in there and taking care of yourself. The Pilot was gone for a few days, so the girls and I have been doing the usual things around here: soccer practice (P has her first game this weekend!) and their other activities, the distance learning fun, and getting everything ready to launch online personal training and team training next week. If you’re interested in joining in the fun, make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter! Newsletter subscribers will get all the details in their inbox Sunday night and I’ll post the details here Monday am. So excited to do this with you all!

Some highlights from the week:

P did most of the meal planning for our dinners, so we got to try out new recipes. It was so cute to see her take ownership and also prepare most of the dinners with me while Liv did homework.The Beast Quiche from this cookbook was a huge hit! (We used the vegan Violife cheddar and while it took a bit longer to cook, it was delicious.)

Halloween decorations were packed up, and it felt good to unearth our few Thanksgiving decorations. I got this little flameless candle from Pottery Barn a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it. It looks so real!!

The girls are officially obsessed with horses and look forward to their lessons every week. <3

Just some laughs:


Read, watch, listen:

I started reading American Dirt last night and can’t decide if I like it. It’s very well-written but pretty intense. Have you read it?

10 things to chill you out today.

Check out this fascinating podcast episode by one of my very favorites.

Listen to this week’s episode of Healthy in Real Life with my friend Kath. 🙂 I’m feeling inspired to organize some closets around here…

Fashion + beauty:

Got these sparkly Converse for the kiddos and they’re so dang cute.

Madewell 30% off boots and sweaters! This embroidered flower one is my fave.

This week’s Beautycounter pick is the new deodorant trio! If you’ve been wanting to try a nontoxic deodorant, now is the perfect time. They’ve been working on the formulation for years and it’s finally here! The deodorants are cornstarch and baking soda based for dryness, while coconut oil, shea butter, candelilla and beeswax hydrate and condition skin.  I’ve tested various versions of the deos and packaging for the past 6 months or so and am so thrilled with how they turned out. Check it out here.

Fitness + good eats:

We had this chicken recipe this week and it was AWESOME.

November Knockout Workout!

Tempted to make this now and celebrate Thanksgiving food early.

How exercise can stall cancer growth.

Sending you all a big hug and bigger glass of wine as we head into the weekend. Happy Friday, friends.




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