Hi friends! Happy Friday! I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. This morning, I’m catching a Peloton class and then tackling Liv’s closet. I’d been avoiding it but really need to clear out the pants and winter stuff, especially since we’re in the heat of summer. That will be my project for the day before we head off for Friday night pool night. I hope you have a good one, too!

One of the highlights of this week: picking veggies at Apple Annie’s. We hadn’t been to Apple Annie’s since Liv was a baby —  it was SO much fun and the perfect outdoor adventure. We met up with some friends and picked green beans, okra, tomatoes, green chilies, bell peppers, and artichokes!

(Livi’s bracelet has tiny macarons on it)

Lunch was on the patio at La Unica, and was INCREDIBLE. I had an egg scramble with green chilies, rice, and beans. So, so good. This little day trip was such a nice way to break up the week and explore a bit. The girls had a great time… and they’ve been excited to eat more vegetables because they picked them. Always a bonus. 😉

It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party! This is where I share some of my favorite eats, wears, reads, etc. and I love hearing about the things you’re lovin’ too. Please shout out a current fave in the comments section if you’d like to join in the fun!

Fashion + beauty:

These bike shorts. (<- -my referral code is GINAHAR if you decide to order and would like 15% off!) I was very late hopping on the bike short trend for a couple of reasons. 1) They remind me of 3rd grade, which is a time period I’d be perfectly happy deleting from my life and 2) I’m not vertically blessed and I didn’t think they’d be flattering on me. Even so, I decided to give these ones a try because I love the shine on them! Verdict: they’re super cute and more flattering than I thought they’d be. It’s a fun way to switch up the usual lulu shorts without having to wear long leggings.

Wrap hat. I found this gem on Amazon with awesome reviews and love it so far. It’s can be conveniently rolled into my pool bag and I can wear it with my hair up in a high bun. Wins all around.

Read, watch, listen:

This “Good Mom” Billie Eilish parody.

My second book is out! My manuscript was due about 4 weeks into this whole situation, so needless to say, finishing was a huge endeavor. This book is geared more towards beginners with lots of info on how HIIT works, breakdowns of exercises, fun 15-minute workouts, simple healthy meal ideas, and more. Since the beginning, I emphasized the importance of diversity and approachability throughout the pages. Callisto did a beautiful job featuring so many different types of women through the photos and illustrations. If you’re looking for a “back to basics” type book, or would like to gift it to someone that’s just getting started in the fitness world, the link to check it out is here. If you’d like a copy, leave a comment below! I’ll pick 5 lucky winners and ship out some signed books and goodies early next week. 😉

20 new ways to measure success.

Great comments on rituals.

Aladdin is coming to Disney+! Liv and I had the treat of seeing it on Broadway and the 10-min + version of “Friend Like Me” is everything.

Fitness + good eats:

Shrimp and rice in a pineapple bowl! We’ve been really trying to switch up our food rotation and this was such a delicious summer meal. I’ve made a version of this here, but for the recent variation, I also seasoned everything with the Trader Joe’s Everything But the Elote seasoning.

Food is exponentially more fun when it’s served in a pineapple bowl.

Cafe Gratitude cookbook. I’m still on a mission to try out new recipes and cooking techniques because I’m so bored with food and was thrilled to see this online. Cafe Gratitude is one of my favorite vegan restaurants ever and this book is filled with gorgeous photos and recipes. It reminds me of the raw food recipes of yore – “Ok, I want pizza 4 days from now so I need to start dehydrating the crust today and soaking the nuts for the sauce I’ll make tomorrow” – and they have many steps. While I don’t think it will be realistic to make these on the daily (especially since a waffle eaten over the sink is fine cuisine right now lol), but I’m going to make one recipe each week as something special to enjoy and have leftovers for lunches or breakfasts.

10 healthy oatmeal recipes.

A good reminder to keep our kiddos moving.

A healthy twist on tuna salad.

Try this week’s yoga and barre combo workout!

Happy Friday, friends!




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