MONTEBELLO, CA October 24, 2020 by JP Harwood jonpaul@terminalexchangeservices.com

This New Location is approximately 18 miles away from Hammond, IN immediate access to interstate 90 & 94.

New Secure Facility offers :

• 24/7 access, keypad entry with on-site security, fenced and gate guarded, monitored by CCTV.

• Outdoor security lighting, Inventory control via daily fax, email or website to dispatch.

• Assigned dedicated parking with No stacking delays, Ability to exceed reserved spaces with daily rate

• No public access allowed

• Annual, month-to-month rates available

• Restrooms, and trash services

This Facility is within a 5 to 15-mile radius of 90 percent of all local Distribution Centers, Transportation Hubs and Corridors of the areas they serve.

Our emphasis is on assisting in the prevention of cargo theft through the design of our facilities and operational protocols. Our premium full‐service yards have been fully vetted by TXS Inc. Our reviews require confirmation that the facility has 24/7 access. Either gate guard staffed entry, residential security personnel or coded keypad entry. The yard must be fully fenced, CCTV with a 30‐90 day recorded loop, trash disposal, lighting, restrooms (fixed or portable) assigned‐dedicated parking for fleets, a commercial surface material or concrete/asphalt, dust control, and snow removal (3 inches or more).



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