During the operation of hydraulic cone crusher, the problems such as wear, tooth beating and frequent maintenance often occur, which bring immeasurable cost burden to manufacturers and cause serious economic losses. In view of this, the common problems of hydraulic cone crusher are summarized, the causes are analyzed, and some reasonable solutions are put forward.

Common faults of hydraulic cone crusher

1. Serious wear and cracking

Because the hydraulic cone crusher has been produced in a bad environment for a long time, the hydraulic cone crusher has less iron sticking, but the wear and tooth striking are very serious, and even the umbrella teeth are undercut, resulting in the normal operation of the hydraulic cone crusher.

2. Frequent maintenance restricts iron slag screening production

The hydraulic cone crusher has frequent maintenance and long maintenance time. Generally, it needs to be overhauled every half a month, which is nearly 24 hours or even longer. When the umbrella tooth is undercut seriously, it is necessary to purchase the umbrella tooth, so the maintenance time is longer. Due to the uncontrollable state and maintenance of cone crusher, it affects the planning of slag iron screening production, resulting in the economic indicators can not be completed, resulting in production and sales are often passive.

Cause analysis of fault

1. The protection device of hydraulic cone crusher is not perfect;

2. The specification of slag iron material entering the machine exceeds the specified design requirements, and the design requirement is ≤ 130mm;

3. The specification of slag iron material entering the machine meets the design requirements of the equipment, but the amount of slag is too large;

4. The slag iron material entering the machine exceeds the large size of the equipment and is stuck;

5. After the hydraulic cone crusher is blocked and stopped, it is forced to start with heavy load;

6. The mismatching of the drive motor not only affects the efficiency, but also seriously affects the normal production and operation of the equipment.


At present, the domestic counterparts for the hydraulic cone crusher fault treatment measures are usually: improve the equipment material, hardmetal surfacing, etc., but also some manufacturers combined with the above multiple programs for comprehensive treatment. According to the working principle of the hydraulic cone crusher and the investigation and Research on the causes of the equipment failure in the early stage, the following countermeasures are suggested to be taken to repair and reform.

1. The slag delivered to the crusher was only removed iron by the belt pulley, and then a permanent magnet hanging iron removal device was installed on the belt conveying the slag into the crusher. After two stages of iron removal, the slag iron could be effectively prevented from entering the hydraulic cone crusher.

2. Adjust the current of the protection device of the hydraulic cone crusher so that it can not be forced to start or instantaneous protection trip under heavy load.

3. Check the metal content in the hydraulic oil tank every month, and deal with the fault in time.

4. Improve the operation system, strengthen the supervision and assessment of crusher iron passing, and strengthen the joint and several liability assessment of production line leaders and operators.


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