As the main parts of the sand making machine, the rotor plays a vital role in the mechanical equipment. The serious wear of the rotor will cause the sand making equipment to not be used normally, which directly affects the normal work of the sand making machine.

The rotor is a vulnerable part of mechanical equipment in sand making equipment, which is characterized by high price and inconvenient replacement. If the replacement is needed, the machine will be replaced by the machine. This will delay a lot of time and make the normal production of the sand making machine. How to effectively protect the rotor of the equipment and prolong its service life has become one of the important problems that the majority of sand making machine users and sand maker equipment manufacturers consider.

It is a focus problem to effectively protect the rotor of high efficiency centrifuge sanding machine. The better method is to adjust the sand making equipment to effectively control the load on the rotor at work. The force of the rotor is different when it is in the rolling state. The impact on the inner ring of the sand making machine is constantly circulating. Only when the internal and external parts are properly matched, will the material impact be avoided at the same point. If the outer ring is loose it would lead to the rotor displacement is generated by the impact force, increase. And then prolong the use time of the outer ring. The balance precision, the impact type sand machine rotor large, fast speed, will cause the effect of centrifugal force. This will cause the sand machine to produce abnormal vibration, cause other parts damage, the sand machine equipment balance should be done in place. The small diameter of the rotor can change the balance of the shutoff plate. The major diameter welding in sand making machine inside the fuselage. It is important to note that the welding must be strengthened.

For the selection of the rotor of the sand making machine, the double row centripetal spherical roller bearing should be selected as the best choice because of its superior performance and strong bearing capacity. So the crushing equipment should choose this kind of rotor more, and increase the service life of the bearing.

Finally, the loading condition of the sand making machine is changed, and the support flexibility is added to the rubber plate to increase the bearing seat of the sand making equipment. When the supporting flexibility is increased, the sand machine equipment absorbs part of the vibration energy and shares the force of the rotor bearing, thereby reducing the force wear of the rotor by means of the external force.


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