Fortune redefines power, it’s time to get real about what it means to be a Black working mom, Facebook gets another open letter, and a photo essay about COVID’s impact on New York is a testament to pain, loss, and resilience.

But first, your self-care advice week in review, in Haiku.

I thought I’d have six
pack abs by now, a book deal
or a cooking show.

Did I even start
that language course? Do I speak
French yet? I’d know, right?

I can’t remember.
Good advice comes in post-it
note sized nuggets: Drink 

water. Go outside.
Look up. Phone a friend. Or two.
Stop doom-scrolling! 

Parfois une belle
vie est juste devant toi.
In any language.

Wishing you a simply happy weekend. Aric Jenkins will be off for the next two weeks, looking up, going outside, and hopefully enjoying life.

Ellen McGirt


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