SAN DIEGO, Oct. 29, 2020—SmartDrive Systems, a leader in video-based safety and transportation intelligence and part of Omnitracs, announced today that J&M Tank Lines, Inc., a family-owned carrier of industrial-grade products, has reported a significant reduction in drivers following too close since installing the SmartDrive video-based safety program. As a result, the fleet has experienced fewer near misses, positively impacting its annual insurance premium.

“With a strong safety culture, we’ve always been an early adopter of technology,” commented Dave Edmondson, vice president of safety and compliance, J&M Tank Lines. “Although we’ve had safety technology in some of our trucks, we wanted to ensure coverage on all our vehicles. This created the perfect time to reassess our safety program and test multiple programs; we found SmartDrive to be far superior to other solutions we tested. From its fully managed service and the ability to customize the program – with road-facing cameras now and the option to add cab-facing and cameras around the vehicles (SmartDrive 360) later – to remote coaching and extended recording, SmartDrive met our needs at every level.”

Headquartered in Birmingham, Ala. and operating since 1948, J&M Tank Lines has operations strategically located across the Southeast. It ships a variety of dry bulk materials, including calcium carbonate, cement and sand, as well as food grade products. J&M Tank Lines has received multiple awards for its safety performance, including recognition by the Alabama Trucking Association for lowest accident frequency in the tanker division, and the Georgia Motor Trucking Association’s Grand Champion award for safety.

“I’ve worked for many companies, but J&M Tank Lines is the only one where leadership looks at safety as an investment, not a cost. Although some companies may think a simple dash cam will make them safer, safety is not where you want to cut corners,” continued Edmondson. “SmartDrive’s managed service provides us with the opportunity to coach drivers without being buried in unnecessary videos and false alerts. Extended recording provides information when something happens to the side of the vehicle or when the vehicle is parked. And the driver scorecard helps each driver see how they are performing over time, along with specific areas for improvement.”

Since deploying the SmartDrive program, J&M Tank Lines has seen an impact on its insurance rates. “The insurance climate is tumultuous,” commented Edmondson. “Fleets across the country are facing 30-40% increases and if they have one major claim, rates are increased so high, companies can’t afford to stay in business. We just renewed our policy and the rate we received is far below what other fleets are experiencing. I attribute this to our safety culture and the SmartDrive program.”

“J&M is one of a growing roster of fleets to experience not only measurable safety improvements, but also favorable insurance rates, thanks to their investments in video-based safety,” stated Matt Brunelle, senior vice president of customer success at SmartDrive. “Dave and his team have done a remarkable job across the board—it’s clear company leadership prioritizes the safety of its drivers, and we’re thrilled to partner with J&M to continue to drive operational efficiency gains.”

“When it comes to video, one exoneration will pay for the system,” concluded Edmondson. “But the benefits go beyond exonerations. Video reinforces our safety culture by providing the opportunity to coach drivers and retain them, rather than simply release them or let them walk away. Drivers want to improve, so when you can focus your efforts on where they need to improve, you’re creating safer drivers and building a trusting relationship. SmartDrive has allowed us to do that.”

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