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NBA players and coaches keep up Kap’s work with the anthem, prison walls can’t keep in the coronavirus. Elsewhere, the Esselen tribe gets back what’s theirs in Big Sur, while the amazing MacKenzie Scott gives away her wealth.

But first, here’s your holiday-inspired week in review, in Haiku.

Long distance pilgrims
on a social distant quest.
The kitchen table

joys of food, chatter,
family delight subdued:
Eid during COVID.

This year’s feast is a
sacrifice for those who grieve;
loved ones lost,

rituals curtailed
in an Eid Mubarak Zoom.
Still, there are blessings

to be found in the
world, and a wish for love and
peace, moments of joy.

Wishing you many moments of joy this weekend.

Ellen McGirt


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