After Vice President Joe Biden’s demeanor at last night’s televised town hall was compared to Mr. Rogers, some folks wondered—would that be so bad? The candidate promised to restore protections for transgender people; also in the news, mixed messages in the art world.

But first, here’s your good neighbor week in review, in Haiku.

Would it be so bad
If Mr. Rogers were in
charge? To start every

day with a cheery
hello to the neighbors we
love as ourselves? To

accept all others
exactly as they are? Right
here and right now? To

say true things with care?
To stand up for what’s right and
fair by sitting down

for a friend? Love is
hard work, struggle: The sacred
job of all neighbors.

Wishing you a lovely and neighborly weekend.

Ellen McGirt

raceAhead is edited by Aric Jenkins.


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