According to statistics from the “Construction Times”, in 2019, China has invested in the construction of six categories of railway, highway, rail, airport, water conservancy and security housing, with a total of 119 projects. According to the industry statistics, in the concrete structure, the use of 1 ton of steel requires 6 tons of cement and 36 tons of sand and stone aggregate. The amount of sand and stone aggregate per kilometer of expressway is about 54600 tons, that of high-speed rail is about 70000 tons, and that of construction is nearly 1 ton. It can be seen that the demand for sand and gravel aggregate in China is in a growing stage. With the development of the project, 2020 The annual demand for sand and gravel continued to increase.

However, with the continuous development of China’s environmental protection work, the exploitation of natural river sand is limited, and the supply of sand and stone is insufficient, so machine-made sand has become a new choice. The modern, large-scale and environmental protection sand aggregate production line has become a major choice for aggregate suppliers.

Guided by the market development demand and in response to the call of national environmental protection, we have launched a new type of sand making machine to assist the production and operation of aggregate manufacturers.

Advantages of manufactured sand

1. Good adhesion

The particle size of machine-made sand is more irregular. When using cement and other structural bonding, it often has better adhesion, more compression resistance and longer service life.

2. Stable supply

In addition to pebbles, bluestones, granite, limestone and other stones, urban construction waste (construction waste), gravel tailings, leftovers, stone chips, stone slag, mine tailings can be used as machine-made sand raw materials.

3. It is controllable

Machine made sand is a kind of sand with a certain particle size after being ground by professional grinding equipment. It can be controlled according to the specific application requirements.

Performance advantages of sand making machine

1. Deep cavity impeller, throughput increased by 30%

2. The top and bottom of the perimeter guard can be turned to extend the service life

3. Combined throwing head, only need to replace the worn part, can reduce the use cost by 30%

4. Central and peripheral feeding, flexible adjustment, convenient conversion

5. The lubrication mode can be selected. The modular design of thin oil type and grease type of bearing chamber can realize the overall exchange


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