It always appears impossible until someone gets it done.

Based on the core belief that if you want to walk fast, walk alone, and if you want to walk far, walk along with others, the platform is building a community that leverages the power of the people to help business and business owners. Mybizfund has helped several start-ups to get crowdfunded while employing a solid business and investment model.

Yes, a tiny percentage of risk is involved, just like any other business ventures, but it has been able to minimize this to the barest minimum by ensuring that community funds are invested only in viable and solidly insured companies, providing business development products and services to the community members at competitive rates. As recently observed, the IT Industry is the leading economic sector globally right now. To crown it all, the platform remains committed to its “why”, which is to serve businesses and business owners with the utmost integrity.

The testimonials from the community members in the three pioneer states in the United States: (California, Texas, and Illinois) are amazing and satisfying, They are about to proceed to the next three states namely: Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.



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