Ontruck, Europe’s leading digital road freight platform, has rolled out a new free web tool to help fleet managers increase volumes of loads and improve their overall business ratio in one, easy-to-use solution. A pilot of the tool conducted with 15 fleets has shown that each fleet successfully doubled their assigned loads per week when compared to other companies that did not use the new tool.

The fleet app is a web version of the existing carrier app, which is among the most advanced available on the market for cargo management which Ontruck launched in 2016. The latest tool has been designed with the more complex needs of fleet managers in mind, providing a real-time visual overview of the fleet including vehicle locations and loads, delivery tracking, estimated costs and live notifications of delays. With one simple dashboard, managers can monitor their entire fleet without needing to access multiple devices and logins.

This all-in-one solution helps managers to fully optimise the efficiency of their fleets, ultimately increasing the volume of loads handled and enabling them to effectively scale their business.

“Since the beginning, our app has helped individual carriers to fully optimise each aspect of their business, offering them loads based on their availability and location and leveraging real-time GPS data to help them to reduce empty kilometres and increase their daily capacity” explains Javier Escribano, Chief Product Officer at Ontruck., “Now, with this web tool, we want to make each of these advantages available to our fleet managers to help them work with maximum efficiency and ease while increasing their volumes of loads and business ratio”.

From the fleet app dashboard, managers can quickly access the database of available loads and request those in which they are interested. Ontruck assigns these loads based on the geographic area in which the fleet is operating as well as the type of vehicles available. Once the offer is accepted, the fleet manager may then assign a driver and vehicle to each load and later upload the PODs, removing the need for additional contact such as email, fax or telephone.

Fleet managers can also maintain full visibility of the fleet and loads in transit at all times, enabling them to anticipate and minimize potential incidents, improve planning and provide the best service possible to Ontruck customers.



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