Panel Built, a modular construction provider with 25 years in the industry, understands that the need to bolster a facility’s security can occur at a moment’s notice. To help companies and organizations in this security crunch, Panel Built now offers a selection of guard booth in-stock for the rapid deployed to customers all across the United States. In order to keep a constant inventory of booth available, Panel Built will continue to add booths to their inventory in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and layouts.

However, these booths are designed to fit applications far beyond that of just physical security. With the current pandemic, many workplaces have begun temperature screening at the entrance of their facilities. Many in-stock options offer a sliding glass window and stainless-steel countertop/workstation, providing a comfortable, controlled environment, perfect for the use and documentation of contactless employee temperature screenings. Additionally, Panel Built has had the booths, typically ranging in 4’x4’ to 4’x6’ in size, utilized as ticket booths, valet booths, and cashier booths, providing an HVAC cooled environment during these hot summer months.

Panel Built was founded in 1995 by brothers Pat and Mike Kiernan and began with the construction of pre-manufactured buildings. Today, Panel Built offers a complete line of custom modular offices, mezzanines, security booths, pre-assembled exterior buildings, and cleanrooms. All of their product lines are produced on-site in specialized modular manufacturing facilities. Panel Built offers “A Better Way to Create Space” for modular building projects.



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