Working in the modular construction industry for 25 years, Panel Built, Inc. understands that one of the primary reasons customers turn to modular construction is to have a solution that is solved quickly and easily for them. For Panel Built’s transit shelters, practically all of the work on the project is done away from the project site in one of Panel Built’s specialized modular construction facilities. There, the booth will be designed, engineered, fully-fabricated, and powder-coated. So, when the shelter is delivered to the project site atop a flatbed truck, the structure is immediately ready to be installed and be put to use. The transit shelter only needs to be off-loaded from the truck using a crane or forklift, put into place, anchored into the concrete, and hooked into a power source and the structure will be up and running!

In addition to the shelter itself, Panel Built can incorporate a number of options into the transit shelter design and layout. Shelters can come with a standard interior-mounted bench, or they can be delivered with a custom standalone bench. Ad cases and map boxes can be mounted to the interior and exterior wall panels of the shelter to allow for promotional materials or bus routes to be posted. In remote locations, a solar powered lighting system may be used if the shelter cannot be hooked into a nearby power source. Additionally, bike racks, trash receptacles, security lights, and more can be included to provide turn-key shelter solution.

As a modular construction provider for 25 years, Panel Built, Inc. has had a great deal of experience adapting their building systems to meet the everchanging needs of customers. Since the rise of the global pandemic, Panel Built has worked to create new solutions for companies to help them operate safely and protect their staff with these new challenges. Swab testing booths, isolation rooms, temperature screening areas, and more have been developed to try to best serve businesses across the United States. Panel Built’s mission is “Solving Our Customers’ Space Needs with Excellence and Great Customer Service.”



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