The grinding mill is one of the important mining machines. When grinding materials, the output of grinding mill will be affected by many factors, mainly by the particle size of the finished product, the hardness of the material, the humidity of the material, the composition of the material, the viscosity of the material, the working efficiency of the supporting measures of the equipment, etc. After we understand the influencing factors, according to the actual situation, we should adjust the influencing factors and try our best to avoid them. If they are unadjustable and unavoidable, we should try our best to adapt to this situation. In short, we can learn more easily to improve the output of the mill after understanding the influencing factors.

1. Particle size of finished product. The fineness of the material after grinding by the mill requires high fineness, that is, the finer the material is, the smaller the milling capacity of the grinding mill is. If customers have high requirements for the fineness of materials, they can purchase other equipment according to their own production capacity and economic strength. The particle size range of the grinding mill is wide, and the particle size can reach 2500 mesh.

2. Hardness of grinding materials. The harder the material is, the more difficult it is for the grinding mill to grind, and the more severe the wear of the equipment is. Raymond grinding speed is slow, of course, Raymond grinding capacity is small. The engineer suggests that customers should strictly follow the instructions of Raymond Mill in the daily use of the equipment, and do not use the equipment to crush hard materials beyond the capacity of the equipment. This is also a basic point for the daily use and maintenance of Raymond mill. Try not to let the mill equipment overload capacity to work.

3. Humidity of grinding materials. In other words, when the moisture content in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere in the Raymond mill, and it is also easy to block in the process of blanking and conveying. Under the condition of equal wind power, the qualified materials are not easily separated, resulting in the reduction of Raymond grinding capacity.

4. Composition department of milling materials. The more fine powder contained in the material before Raymond milling, the more influence Raymond flour will be. Because these fine powders are easy to adhere and affect the transportation. For the fine powder content should be in advance of a sieve. In this case, we suggest that the customer use the vibrating screen to screen the material before the milling process.

5. Adhesion of grinding materials. That is, the greater the viscosity of the material, the easier adhesion. The larger the viscosity, the smaller the output of the grinding mill, and at the same time easily affect the service life of the grinding mill, so please follow the standard homework in the mill use copy sheet.

6. Work efficiency of equipment supporting measures. This is the main influencing factor. There are seven or eight types of mills, and the output can range from 1 to 10 tons / hour. In this way, if you choose different models, even the same material will have different output. There are also the working efficiency of its supporting equipment, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, fine crusher and so on. The working efficiency and coordination ability of the supporting equipment also have an impact on the mill. The type of the mill also affects the output of the mill. If it is a common Raymond mill, the output will be very general. If it is a pressurized Raymond mill, the output of the mill will be greatly improved. Compared with other Raymond mills, the roller mill can increase the output by 10% ~ 30% under the condition of equal power and equal materials.

In short, there are many factors that affect the output of the mill. Through the introduction of this article, I believe you will have a deeper and more systematic understanding of the factors affecting the output of the mill, which is helpful for the selection and operation of the machine.

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