[September 2020] Jeanne Hurlbert, Ph.D. is a sociologist who uses surveys to “read minds,” gathering unseen, unspoken data that companies need to optimize growth, loyalty, and productivity while battling burnout, breakdowns, and depression. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Jeanne has launched a new program to support companies facing these issues. The program is called: Team Touchpoints™.

Team Touchpoints:™ A Focused, Problem-Solving Approach

Jeanne helps companies understand not only why they need to support their teams right now, but also the tremendous opportunity they have to create employee loyalty by doing so.

“Companies face huge challenges in keeping their workforces engaged and productive right now,” says Jeanne. “CDC data show that around 40% of Americans have experienced some type of mental health effects during the pandemic. Employees who can’t sleep well, experience problems focusing, and struggle to meet all of their work and personal responsibilities stand at risk not only for decreased productivity but also for physical and mental health effects. I created the Team Touchpoints™ program to address these issues directly, boost employee productivity, and benefit employers’ bottom lines.”

The Team Touchpoints™ program supports companies and their workers by:

• Measuring the effects that their workers are experiencing, at both the aggregate and individual levels, then

• Working with the company to craft three types of interventions:

o Providing online counseling to individuals who need it,

o Providing resources that will increase employees’ social support, and

o Identifying structural changes that can reduce the stress employees experience.

“That third type of intervention is particularly important,” says Jeanne. “It sets us apart because it’s a fundamentally sociological approach in which you resolve the problem by focusing on reducing the source of the problem, to the extent possible.”

To learn more, visit www.HurlbertConsulting.com/team-touchpoints.

About Dr. Hurlbert: Jeanne Hurlbert, Ph.D. is a sociologist who uses surveys to “read minds,” gathering unseen, unspoken data that companies need to optimize growth. An expert in survey research, her Team Touchpoints™ program helps businesses see behind the curtain of employee productivity, identify and resolve stressors for employees, and recognize opportunities to improve employee retention and boost the bottom line — even in challenging times. Visit www.HurlbertConsulting.com/team-touchpoints.



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