But the sweetness of erythritol is very low, only 75% of that of sucrose. Meanwhile, the hygroscopicity of erythritol is low.

Therefore, in order to improve the sweetness and prevent precipitation, it is often mixed with other sugar substitutes when making high-sweet foods.

Sucralose does not provide energy, but its sweetness is very good. It tastes almost the same as table sugar.

The sweetness of sucralose is 600 times that of sucrose, so it is not situable to use alone. It is often compounded with erythritol–which has low sweetness.

The sugar substitute compounded with 0.43% sucralose and 99.57% erythritol is 3 times sweeter than sucrose.

The sugar substitute compounded with 1.56% sucralose and 98.44% erythritol is 10 times sweeter than sucrose.



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