The Most Serious World Crisis Since World War II?

Beyond its effects on health and the health care industry, COVID-19 has empowered the global elite more than ever to manufacture lies and half-truths.

Big Tech corporations like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon, Big Pharma, the World Health Organization (WHO) and philanthropic giant Bill Gates have indentured politicians and scientists from across the political spectrum.

The result is fear mongering, political polarization and social engineering — all wrapped in a disguise of protection.

Many positive benefits have emerged from the pandemic, such as reduced non-essential travel, less consumption, a greater awareness of natural health and more interest in organic unprocessed foods.

The greater focus on family and the plight of those impacted the most by the pandemic have been applauded by many.

Unfortunately, most of the impacts of the pandemic have been catastrophic. A massive number of hospitalizations and deaths have been attributed to COVID-19.

For those who have so far escaped the ravages of the virus, widespread anxiety and fear have become the norm.

The pandemic has also been marked by political polarization, media censorship, draconian lockdowns, senseless closures of schools and businesses, and economic meltdown, including increasing numbers of bankruptcies of businesses of all sizes. Tragically, in the U.S. alone, 30 million workers have lost their jobs and livelihoods.

As Bad as Things May Seem, You Have Little to Fear

I know it all looks and sounds very daunting and overwhelming. However, when you take a deep look at all the new and emerging evidence we present in “The Truth About COVID-19,” it’s apparent that very little of what’s happening makes sense.

I hope you will allow me to confidently assure you, “The Truth About COVID-19” is far more than just a compilation of our personal opinions. For the writing of this book, we tapped into more than 400 sources of trustworthy, reliable data and facts.

I believe that after you finish reading this book, you’ll find there’s really nothing to fear, but actually much to feel hopeful about.

That’s at least partly because we provide indisputable proof that this pandemic has been used as a convenient cover-up. I review the evidence that it was preplanned with the mainstream manipulation of the facts to inflate the danger posed by this infection.

Admittedly, people have indeed died from COVID-19. It’s been a painful journey for many. However, in contrast to what the media have told you, the hard evidence of careful review of the data shows there are no excess deaths due to the virus.

The total overall mortality numbers for 2020 are normal.

The pandemic has been no deadlier overall than the seasonal flu, with the exception of people over the age of 60. All others have a lower risk of dying from COVID-19 than they have of dying from the flu.

We don’t shut down the world and stop living because people die from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, the flu or anything else. So why should COVID-19 be any different?

It appears we are witnessing the unfolding of a carefully orchestrated plan to facilitate and hide the transfer of wealth to unelected technocrats who are controlling the pandemic narrative — all while simultaneously justifying the erosion of your personal freedoms and civil liberties.


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