1 Which of the following has proven antiviral activity and appears to play an important role in COVID-19 prevention and treatment?

  • B vitamins
  • Epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG)
  • Copper
  • Zinc

    Zinc prevents viral replication inside your cells, and deficiency in this mineral impairs your immune function. Recent studies have found zinc deficient patients are more likely to suffer complications from COVID-19, and are more likely to die. Learn more.

2 COVID-19 vaccine trial protocols reveal the vaccines are designed to:

  • Reduce symptoms common to both COVID-19 and the common cold

    Preventing infection, reducing hospitalizations and deaths and improving outcomes are not criteria for success in COVID-19 vaccine trials. The only criterion for a successful COVID-19 vaccine is a reduction of symptoms shared by both COVID-19 and the common cold. Learn more.

  • Eliminate or significantly reduce infection rates
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce severe COVID-19 outcomes
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce COVID-19 related deaths

3 What is “the Great Reset?”

  • The transformation of government to ensure fair and equitable distribution of the world’s wealth
  • A rebranded term for technocracy — an economic system of resource allocation that revolves around technological surveillance — and the New World Order, melded with the transhumanist movement

    The Great Reset is a rebranded term for technocracy and the old “New World Order” melded with the transhumanist movement. It’s a “social contract” that ties you to it through an electronic ID linked to your bank account and health records, and a “social credit” ID that will dictate every facet of your life. Learn more.

  • Going back to doing business and living the way we did 100 years ago, thereby ensuring long-term sustainability
  • A global environmental plan that will eliminate the emergence of zoonotic viruses that might kill humanity

4 Which of the following is an unrecognized yet third leading cause of death?

  • COVID-19
  • Side effects from vaccinations
  • Medical errors

    According to Dr. Thomas Frieden, COVID-19 is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., having killed 170,000 of the 5.4 million Americans who had tested positive as of August 2020. However, research shows anywhere from 250,000 to 440,000 Americans die each year from preventable medical errors, far more than COVID-19. While unrecognized, medical errors have, for many years, been the third leading cause of death. Learn more.

  • Scurvy

5 According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, SARS-CoV-2 is:

  • A lab-created bioweapon, which proves the dangers of gain-of-function research
  • A type of influenza virus with similar lethality
  • A mutated HIV virus, proving we need more gain-of-function research
  • A zoonotic virus that mutated naturally; thus, a sign we need the “green new deal”

    Fauci recently published a paper in which he dismisses the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 was created in and released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, arguing instead for natural mutation. He also uses the pandemic to justify the “green new deal” and the globalist movement known as “the Great Reset.” Learn more.

6 Which of the following is a common “stealth” source of harmful omega-6 linoleic acid?

  • Conventionally raised chicken

    A common stealth source of harmful omega-6 linoleic acid is conventionally farmed chicken. These animals are routinely fed grains such as corn. As a result, the meat becomes high in omega-6 linoleic acid, as corn is loaded with this type of fat. Learn more.

  • Grass fed beef
  • Organic pastured turkey
  • Leafy greens like spinach

7 Operation Warp Speed refers to:

  • A DARPA-funded research project into unidentified flying objects
  • A joint operation between U.S. Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense to produce a fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine and other therapeutics

    Operation Warp Speed is a joint operation between U.S. Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense to produce a fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine and other therapeutics, but it’s primarily funded and operated by the CIA and the U.S. military. Learn more.

  • A NASA project to build a lightspeed engine
  • A White House Administration plan to rebuild U.S. infrastructures such as roads and waterlines in record time



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