Most of us continue to toy with the idea of buying a new smartphone, but keep putting it off for one reason or the other. Perhaps we do not believe that would be the best choice at that time, or that we could invest that amount somewhere else. Some of us keep using our phones even if they continue to lag, or even when the battery keeps draining faster than usual. We as consumers are budget-conscious, and hence, we wait until we can no longer use the smartphone to purchase a new model.

However, that could prove to be a big hassle, as the smartphone can stop working at any time. There are a few warning signs that the smartphone users must notice while using their devices. While the latest smartphone models come with the standard brand warranty, which protects the device during its first year of operation, once the warranty expires, users have to pay out of their pocket to get the phone repaired. There comes a time when spending money to repair a smartphone no longer makes sense.

So if you have been wondering about when you should upgrade your old mobile phone, here are a few tips which can help you.

Purchase During Festive Seasons

Smartphone brands, e-commerce platforms and retail outlets all offer impressive discounts and special offers during festive seasons. For instance, if you are currently thinking about upgrading your phone, you would find it advantageous to look for Diwali offers on mobile which come with slashed costs, or cut-price smartphone models. Then this festive season may be the best option for you to upgrade your phone.

Furthermore, e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart also offer special rates on exchanges, where you can exchange your previous smartphone while buying the new model, which will result in further price deduction.

You can also buy mobile on EMI, which would mean that you don’t have to pay the entire amount upfront. This can be done by using your credit card or debit card (if applicable) to buy a new smartphone on easy EMIs. You can also use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to purchase the new smartphone on No Cost EMIs, which would definitely help with the finances.

Battery Issues

Most of the smartphone users aren’t aware of the fact that a smartphone’s battery, which is usually Lithium-ion battery, has its life measured in charge cycles. This means that whenever you charge your smartphone from 50% back to 100%, that would count as a half-cycle. Regardless of the method that is used to charge the smartphone — quick charge, wireless charge or the normal charging feature, every time you charge your smartphone, it eats away at the total charging cycles the smartphone is expected to perform for without any issues. Once you reach that number, charging becomes a serious problem.

While you can try getting the phone repaired, or buy a new battery, it might not be the most sensible decision. Batteries of premium smartphone models come at a premium price, especially if you are purchasing it from the brand. Once you realize that the smartphone is losing charge at a rapid pace a couple of years after purchasing the device, it is a good indicator that you might want to upgrade to a new smartphone model.

Smartphone Slowing Down

New smartphone models come with better hardware, and that is a proven fact. Every year, brands release newer models that are designed better, and come packed with the latest hardware and features. What this essentially means is, when you own a relatively older model, you might not be able to run all the apps as seamlessly as the newer smartphone models can. This results in your smartphone slowing down, and no matter how much space you free up, or how much you try to optimize your smartphone, it usually does not make any difference.

Some of us use our smartphones for over three years, and by the time your device reaches that stage, it will inevitably start slowing down. Once that happens, it is recommended that you buy a newer model, rather than try to repair the existing one.

No Software Support

The proverbial death knell for smartphones is when a massive software bug does not get fixed, or when your phone becomes vulnerable to attacks because there is no security patch provided by Android. While this doesn’t happen that often, it might eventually happen after 3-4 years of using the same smartphone. That would ultimately be the time when you will have to spend money on a new smartphone model.


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