Developers are needed to help businesses live their online dream.

Depending upon the project they aim to achieve, they need to choose between a full stack or specialized developer.

Full stack developer vs. specialist developer

Full stack developer is the one that knows all about the front end as well as back end coding. On the other hand, specialized developers are the masters of either the front end or the back end.

Who is Best for your Business: Full Stack Developers or Specialized Developers?

Let’s understand the pros, cons, and essential characteristics of both kinds of developers.

Skill Set of Full Stack Developers

A full stack developer is single-handedly managing both the business application’s functionality and cosmetic features. Their skills include knowledge of PHP, JAVA, C++, Python, MySQL Databases, and others.

Pros of Full Stack Developer

Quick Identification of Issues

Singular control over the both frontend and backend can help the developers identify and fix the issue faster.


A single person working on both frontend and backend cuts the developer cost considerably.

Reduced Development Time

Fewer discussions and meetings and approval requirements reduce paperwork and allot more time to the actual development process https://www.brainvire.com/full-stack-development/ and quicken it.

Reduced Number of Meetings/Discussions

A single person reduces the meetings and discussions; the client can be updated using quicker methods or just weekly or monthly updates.

Cons of Full Stack Developer

Lack of knowledge of Latest Trends and Technologies

Full stack developers do not get time to update their knowledge because of their deeper involvement.

Difficulty in Tracking the Project

Since both frontend and backend are developed simultaneously, the extent of completion of work becomes difficult to find.


Since full stack developers are in high demand, the employers may throw compelling offers, which the developers are quite likely to pick.


Full stack developers may not be so easy to find. They tend to hop from one project to another or may be available only for part-time gigs.

Skillset of a Specialized Developer

The skillset of a specialized developer is complete in every sense. What they know, they know all about it. Years of experience in a single type of development season them well.

Pros of Specialized Developer

High Quality Work

Since the developer is fully dedicated to a single part of the project, h/she gives its best and leaves no scope of error.

Easy to Hire

Specialized developers are easy to locate by the kind of work done by them. Thus, hiring does not require many efforts.

Cons of Specialized Developer

High Investment

The requirement of different developers for the same project shoots up the investment size.


The output of other developers becomes the input of a specialized developer. So, their dependence can cause lag in progress.

When to Choose a Full-Stack Developer?

Small Projects

In a small project, the full stack developers can take care of various aspects simultaneously.

Low Complexity Projects

Minimum value product kind of assignments are the best suited for full stack developers.

Low on Budget

The low budget works well with a single full stack developer.

Small Businesses/Startups

Companies right at their starting phase can benefit from full stack development companies.

When to Choose a Specialized Developer?

Large Projects

Large projects can be managed well with a team of specialized developers, each taking care of a single department.

High Complex Projects

Higher complexity means the requirement of better dedication, which is readily available with specialized developers.

Project Quality

High quality requires specialized skills, which dedicated developers have in abundance.

FAQs About Full Stack and Specialized Developer

What is a full stack developer?

A developer who does both the front and back end development.

What is a specialized developer?

A Developer who does either of the front or back end development.

When to choose a full stack developer?

Low budget, simple projects, and experimental projects can be given to a full stack developer.

When to choose a specialized developer?

High budget, complex projects, and advanced skills requiring projects can be assigned to a specialized developer.


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